Medication Dispensing policy (8/2020)

Federal Law prohibits any veterinary office from dispensing prescription medication without establishing a VCPR (veterinary client-patient relationship). This means that, by law, we must physically see or have seen your pet. In order to be in compliance, CVPC requires a check-in visit at no charge every 12 months. This allows us to confirm that your pet is healthy, and that we prescribe the correct dosage of medication based on your pet’s weight at our clinic.

Please be advised: each owner is responsible for reviewing medication precautions. CVPC will document a pet’s electronic file for prior diagnosed medical conditions disclosed by the pet owner. It is up to the pet owner to disclose any pertinent medical history that could affect the services or medications we provide.

ISOXAZOLINE Class of Medications ( Bravecto, Bravecto Plus, Bravecto Topical, Simparica, Simparica TRIO, Revolution Plus, Credelio, Nexgard) are safe and effective for the majority of pets. While rare, seizures have been reported in dogs receiving isoxazoline class drugs, even in dogs without a history of seizures. Use with caution in dogs/cats with a history of seizures or neurologic disorders.

Be aware that TRIFEXIS, while not in the Isoxazoline class of parasiticides, should not be used with dogs with known seizures.

Refills of the allergy medication Apoquel require an annual consultation with the doctor at our current consult/exam fee schedule.

Pet owners ordering medication from our online store have the option to mail an original paper prescription (not a photocopy) writen by a veterinarian.  Please mail originals to:

Carolina Value Pet Care, PO Box 1923, Concord, NC 28026.

Emailed prescription will only be honored if sent directly from a veterinary office to:

Heartworm Testing Policy (8/2020)

Heartworm medication is only available by prescription and can only be dispensed to pet/clients who have a VCPR (Veterinary client-patient relationship) with CVPC. This means that, by law, we must physically see or have seen your pet. As a courtesy to our established clients who are in compliance with heartworm medication administration, we extend the annual heartworm screening to biennial (every other year) as long as your dog is taking prevention as it is prescribed. For the safety of your pet, if your dog is missing doses during the year, we will screen for disease every year or sooner at our discretion. CVPC will honor heartworm tests performed by other veterinary clinics for 1 year from the date of the test, but we must see patient records or invoices (printed or on a cell phone) confirming the date of testing and any invoices for heartworm prevention. Please see the medication dispensing policy.

Primary Vaccination Series Schedule (8/2020)

The Primary Vaccine Series (Canine Distemper-Parvo Combo and Feline Distemper-combo vaccine should be administered every 3-4 weeks until a minimum 16 weeks of age. This is the standard protocol established by the American Animal Hospital Association in order to provide the optimum protection of your pet.

Merck Animal Health (Bravecto, Bravecto Topical, Bravecto Plus): 800-224-5318
Elanco Animal Health (Trifexis): 888-545-5973
Zoetis (Simparica, Simparica TRIO, Revolution Plus): 888-963-8471

*Upon request, the veterinarians of CVPC can dispense a written prescription for certain medications to be filled at outside pharmacies. A small fee of $10 (per pet) will be collected for a 6-month prescription. All other requirements such as testing must be met and approved by CVPC.